a glimpse into last year.... Part I

Last year I had the opportunity to work with NYM hair product. We had a few events including to do the hair styling for the opening day fashion show at South Coast Plaza’s  Teen Vogue’s Haute Spot holding Spring’s hottest trends, which are hand picked by the editors, (who are the most fun peeps around). We had such a great time backstage with the models, the girls from Teen Vogue and Maria from  Not Your Mother’s styling products.

Within a few weeks, we were asked to go back and be apart of a Live segment that would air on FOX's Good Day LA.


Can I tell you all how much I love this woman? Who is she you ask? Only the beauty editor at Teen Vogue, Eva Chen. Let me start by saying I had no idea who she was when she walked into hair and makeup. I thought she was the anchor coming to get touched up before the segment aired. We made small talk -OK we hit it off right away and I wanted to be her new bff. When she asked for my card and info I thought ‘cool, hopefully we can reconnect again soon’. Then I was informed of WHOM she was. I was half embarrassed I didn’t already know and 100% floored that a woman in her position was so real and down to earth talking about her favorite steals on eBay, H&M, and how she finds it ‘pointless to pay $15 for a manicure’ when she can do it herself with some pretty Sally Hansen, Rimmel or Nicole by OPI colors. I was smitten to say the least. She’s fabulous and after some -okay, a lot- of persuasion on her end :) I think we might get a Twitter. She’s very convincing.



This sweet girl was in the chair for almost 50 minutes while I did a blowout and then curled her hair. But wow did it come out awesome! 







{ Korinne }


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